North Star Explorers at Mass of the Assumption  

Our Explorer guides lead the way carrying the baussant of our FNE/FSE movement

Our Explorer guides lead the way carrying the baussant of our FNE/FSE movement

Consecration of the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) to the Sacred Heart of Jesus  

Consecration of the Federation of North-American Explorers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart within our FNE family on the Feast of the Sacred Heart – June 27, 2014

What is it?

On June 16, 1675, Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to a nun of the Order of the Visitation in Paray Le Monial in southeastern France and said: “Look at this Heart which has loved men so much, and yet men do not want to love Me in return. Through you My divine Heart wishes to spread its love everywhere on earth.”

Margaret Mary Alacoque was born in Burgundy, France on July 22, 1647. As a child, she was suffering from rheumatic fever and stayed in bed for four years due to the disease. During that time, she developed an intense devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and made a vow to the Blessed Virgin Mary to enter a convent as a nun.

As a result, the Blessed Virgin Mary visited her and healed her. Mary asked her to give her life to God and later on, after having seen a vision of Christ’s scourging, she entered the Order of Our Lady of the Visitation at Paray le Monial at the age of 23.

Shortly after, Our Lord was visiting her asking her to be the instrument of the devotion to His Sacred Heart. Our Lord gave her also the promises attached to this devotion.

Sacred Heart of JesusThe Twelve Promises of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary for those devoted to His Sacred Heart:

  1. I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life.
  2. I will establish peace in their families.
  3. I will console them in all their troubles.
  4. They shall find in My Heart an assured refuge during life and especially at the hour of their death.
  5. I will pour abundant blessings on all their undertakings.
  6. Sinners shall find in My Heart the source of an infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall speedily rise to great perfection.
  9. I will bless the homes where an image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.
  10. I will give to priests the power of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. Those who propagate this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be effaced.
  12. The all-powerful love of My Heart will grant to all those who shall receive Communion on the First Friday of nine consecutive months the grace of final repentance; they shall not die under my displeasure, nor without receiving the Sacraments; My Heart shall be their assured refuge at that last hour.


Four new FNE groups!  

With the approval of our FNE general commissioner, we would like to announce the formation of the following four groups:

  • Divine Mercy FNE – O’Brien, Florida, United States
    units: 1st St. John Paul II Timber Wolf Den, 2nd St. Faustina Kowalska Timber Wolf Den, 1st St. John Paul II Explorer Troop, 2nd St. Faustina Kowalska Explorer Company
  • Confluence of the North American Martyrs FNE – Binghamton, New York, United States
    units: 1st St. John Paul II Timber Wolf Den, 2nd Kateri Tekakwitha Timber Wolf Den, 1st St. John Paul II Explorer Troop
  • Larchmont, New York, United States (group name TBA)
    units: 1st Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Timber Wolf Den, 2nd St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Timber Wolf Den
  • Living Water FNE – Thibodaux, Louisiana, United States
    units: 1st St. Ignatius of Loyola Timber Wolf Den

The Federation of North-American Explorers Comes to Oklahoma  

By Fr. Joseph Portzer FSSP

Recently a Catholic movement that has been a powerful source for good in the Catholic Church in Europe has branched out across the Atlantic, being established first in Canada and then in the United States. Rather surprisingly, one of its first new centers is Oklahoma, which is called the buckle of the bible belt. The sharp new uniforms and happy faces in the group photo of the 34 new young members caught the attention of parishioners when the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) had their first fundraiser, a successful bake sale, in the kitchen after the Sunday masses.

Morning Star FNE - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Morning Star FNE with their religious adviser Fr. Joseph Portzer – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Saint of the Month – St. Ubaldus  

Map showing where Umbria is in Italy (in the center)


The feast of St. Ubaldus is on May 16th.  Ubaldus was born in Umbria, Italy, in the city of Gubbio to noble parents.  He lost his father when he was young, and was educated by the prior of the cathedral church of his native city, where he also became a canon regular. The Bishop, seeing his intelligence and piety eventually made him prior of the cathedral. Ubaldus served the lord with great fervor and poverty. Even though he inherited much wealth from his parents, he donated all of it to the poor, and to the restoration of monasteries.

Many bishoprics were offered to Ubaldus but he always refused. However, when the bishop of Gubbio died, he was sent to Rome with some other clergy to ask His Holiness for a new bishop. Pope Honorius II insisted on Ubaldus, consecrated him, and sent him back to Gubbio.

As a bishop, Ubaldus continued to live a simple life of fasting and prayer. He did his utmost to help his people in their spiritual and temporal needs. He would sometimes put on beggar’s clothes, and go into the city to help the poor. Once, when he thus dressed, he saw a workman helping to build a new city wall. But in the process, he was trampling the bishop’s vineyard. Ubaldus made a humble suggestion that he should be more careful. But the workman refused. Instead he berated Ubaldus, then threw him into a pile of wet cement! The humble bishop picked himself up, and simply went home as though nothing happened. But when the people of the town found out what happened to their beloved bishop, they were outraged. They hauled the scoundrel workman to the town court, and demanded that he be exiled from the town. However, Ubaldus himself came to the court, greeted the workman with a kiss and forgave him. In so doing, he convinced the other townsmen to drop their complaint too.

saint-ubaldus-baldassini-01Ubaldus defended his people again when the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa laid siege to the city for supporting the Pope over himself. Ubaldus personally went out to the camp to see the Emperor, like Leo I meeting Attila the Hun. The gentleness and piety of Ubaldus convinced Frederick to peacefully reconcile with the city instead of destroying it.

Ubaldus died on Pentecost in 1168 after a two year long illness. After his death, many people flocked to his tomb and received miraculous intercession. Especially in cases of demonic possession. For this reason his the patron saint against demonic possession.

The collect for his feast day is:

Help us, O Lord, and stretch out Your right hand in compassion to save us from the wickedness of the devil, through the intercession of Your blessed confessor bishop Ubaldus. Through Our Lord . . .

More info on St. Ubaldus:

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