However good a Catholic and Explorer you may be, you may take it for granted that you ought to be a great deal better. There is no danger of your becoming perfect in this world; we all have a long way to go before that — most of us a very long way. And considering all the grace and help God gives, you have not covered too much of the ground — less perhaps than many whose chances have been fewer. Possibly you may even have gone the wrong way now and then, in spite of the [×] which God and His Church have put plainly right before your eyes. But in any case the important thing is to keep on trying, and trying hard. It is to help one another to do this that we are Explorers, because it is much easier to work together than to work alone. And as we work together, let us pray together that God our Father may help us all.

Almighty and merciful God, in Thy goodness put far from us all that may work us harm; that, alert alike in mind and body, we may loyally devote ourselves to the doing of Thy holy will. Amen.

Adapted from The Catholic Scout’s Prayer Book, London: The Catholic Truth Society (1912)

Lahini Timber Wolves

Some of our girl Timber Wolves