Lions were on the prowl at the beginning of the night! The boys enjoyed a rousing game of Red Lion as they waited for the Circle to be called. At the Circle Akela gave us some updates on our camp in NY in June and introduced us to the requirements for the evangelist badge.

Baloo then led the boys in a discussion on bearing one anothers’ burdens, reflecting on Galatians 6:2. But then big trouble broke out! There was an outbreak of a terrible virus in DiMarzio Hall! To escape the threat, the boys had to carry their fainting brothers to the other end of the hall until there was only one left. After the threat had passed, all the boys who had sucummed carried their last remaining brother back to home base!

Next up, Bagheera gave the boys a lesson on the first law of the Exlporers, and taught our first knot tighing lesson. The boys worked on making a square knot. We got a lot of granny knots in the mean time, but the boys soon got the hang of it. Bahgeera also recommended this great web site for learning about all kinds of knots.

Rama followed up with a quick lesson on our saint of the month, St. George.

Our exlorers played a quick game of Flying Dutchmen, then broke into two groups where they worked on short skits together. We had one skit featuring the ‘terrible magician’ and another skit featuring the ‘terrible shcool teacher’.

We followed with a game of Shark Attack, where unsuspecting beach goers were pulled uner the water (parachute) by ravenous sharks! Our life gaurds worked hard to save them, but in the end the sharks ate everyone.

The meeting wrapped up with our prayers in the chapel lead by our sixers, and the final Circle. As we got ready to leave for the night, the Exlporers took it upon themselves to start practicing camp songs for our camp in June!