As often as you can, when you are hearing Mass, you will of course receive Holy Communion. You can go to Holy Communion provided that:

  1. You cannot remember having committed any mortal sin which has not since been confessed and forgiven.
  2. You have fasted from solid food for at least one hour.
  3. Your main reason for wanting to receive our Blessed Lord is just to please Him and to learn to love Him better.

When we invite the King of Heaven into our hearts we naturally try to prepare them as well as we can; and after He has come, we are careful to spend some time in thanking him and telling Him about ourselves and our needs. You will find in this book prayers for preparation and thanksgiving. But do not forget that these are only to help you to speak to our Lord, and to keep your thoughts from wandering away to other things. What He likes best is for use to tell Him in our own words how we believe that He is really present, God and Man, in the Blessed Sacrament; how we love Him and trust to Him; how sorry we are for having displeased Him; and how we mean with His help never to offend Him again. And after Communion He likes us, when we have thanked Him as well as we know how, to tell Him all about ourselves, and our friends; and to ask Him in our own way for help in our difficulties and temptations, and for all the things we want for ourselves and for others. If you try, it is quite easy to do this without a book; and you ought to learn to do it, because when you serve Mass, you cannot use a book and do the ceremonies really well at the same time. This does not mean that the book is no use. It is very useful, but it is a help, not a necessity: for one reason of another you may find yourself without one, and Explorers especially should always be prepared (semper parati!) to get along if need by, and do things properly, without having anything more in the way of tools than is absolutely necessary.

Adapted from The Catholic Scout’s Prayer Book, London: The Catholic Truth Society (1912)