We had another great session of wildreness training graciously offered by our wilderness guid Ryan. After the opening circle Ryan started off by showing the boys how to make a solar still with a cup and a piece of plastic sheeting. MacGyver would have been proud! As the boys and girls worked at digging their holes, Ryan explained the importance of staying hydrated, especially when camping and hiking.  He also explained other sources of water to look for, including the most basic one, bringing your own.  Semper Parati!

Next we got some basic first aid training to treat common injuries like cuts, broken arms, and burn wounds. The wolves practiced on eachother, then our otters went out into the woods and each pretened to have a different injury. The Timberwolves divided into groups and each group hussled out to the aid of a fallen otter. The otters were taken to our makesift hospital where Ryan examined our wolves’ handiwork and gave them some more pointers.

Wilderness training took up the whole meeting so we wrapped up with our closing prayers and circle. Thanks again to Ryan for providing a great experience for the wolves, and a great end to our regular meetings for the year.