On July 5, 2012, three leaders and five Timber Wolves from our 1st North Star Group left the Philadelphia area for summer camp with our Canadian brothers at Camp Endobanah in Ontario, Canada. We left Philadelphia proper at about 8:00 am with a daunting 11-hour drive in front of us.

The drive itself passed uneventfully. Our route took us north through Pennsylvania and New York to the border crossing at Thousand Islands. We stopped only once in the U.S. to gas up and use the washroom (as they call it in Canada). Before we went through customs, we stopped at the duty-free store to exchange a few of our American dollars for Canadian, but the exchange counter was unmanned. We passed through customs with minimal inconvenience (the Canadian border guard was very courteous), and stopped at another store at the foot of the Canadian observation tower in order to exchange. Once on our way again, we crossed a very fragile-looking bridge onto the Canadian mainland for our last leg of the trip.

Even this last part of the drive was uneventful; the highlight was a stop at the ubiquitous Tim Horton’s for coffee and TimBits. We finally rolled into camp at 6:49 pm.