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The boys (and some of the junior leaders!!) took part in a sandcastle-building contest. Then, once the second-year Timber Wolves arrived back in camp from their overnight hike, Akela Chris and Hathi (U.S.) arranged for an obstacle course “Iron Man” contest, including rope-climbing, rappelling, canoeing, and swimming — all while keeping a special message dry.

Junior leaders hard at work on a sand pyramid

Brown Six works on their sandcastle and moat

Timber Wolf climbing a rope

Akela looks on as Timber Wolves do the “wheelbarrow”

Timber Wolves climbing the tree fort and then tumbling down the other side

Timber Wolves canoeing – in the right direction?

Timber Wolves swimming

Timber Wolves getting a special message from one of our seminarians

Timber Wolves canoeing back to deliver message to Akela

After our “Iron Man” contest, we ate lunch and returned to our badge and star programs. Three of our Timber Wolves earned the “Artist-Decorator” badge, while two others completed the “Swimming” badge on their own free time, and another two worked hard and made a lot of progress on their “Camping” badge. Then we had a bit (a very small bit!) of a swim and returned to the Lodge for dinner, wondering where the day went.

After dinner our Timber Wolves and Explorers got into full uniform for the evening’s procession, to be followed by Holy Mass and adoration. And what a procession! The Explorers had constructed a cross, heavy but not as heavy as Our Lord’s, and the boys took turns carrying it up hill at camp, then holding it in the midst of a circle while hymns were sung.

The procession starts

Timber Wolves carrying the cross

Holding the cross

Timber Wolves holding the cross

Timber Wolves holding the cross

Timber Wolf with the cross on his shoulder

Explorers holding the cross

Even the littlest Timber Wolves took their turn

Bringing the cross back to camp

Timber Wolves carrying the cross back to camp

Lift high the cross!

The last stage – the leaders take their turn

Holy Mass – procession

Timber Wolf attends to Mass

Adoration – Fr. censes the Most Blessed Sacrament

Adoration lasted far into the evening. Fr. kindly heard confessions while the Timber Wolves and Explorers adored Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, then continued to hear confessions following Benediction.

Mug-up followed Benediction, then showers and into bed. Stories were read, and the Timber Wolves and their leaders dropped off to sleep around 1:00 am. We would have an early day the next day, however!

The last day started with morning prayers and Holy Mass as usual. Before our North Star Timber Wolves filed into the Lodge for breakfast, we took the time to take a picture with our friend Keego.

North Star Timber Wolves and leaders with Keego

We then ate a quick breakfast and made to leave. Our Canadian brothers had other ideas. They called a circle and asked us to stand in the center of it. The Timber Wolves then did the Howl and repeated the Promise, the Law, and the Pledge. Then the Explorers, in their own formation, repeated the Explorer Promise and all ten points of the Explorer Law! Akela Paul and Akela Chris each gave a brief speech, then we said our goodbyes, finished packing, and left for home, leaving our hearts in Canada with our brothers.