The entry for our first day of summer camp can be found here.

Saturday, July 7 was “Warrior Day” at Camp Endobanah. We began the day with morning prayers, Mass, and breakfast as usual (the cooks made a delightful breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon). The leaders spent some time working with the Timber Wolves on their “star” programs — Akela Chris with the Timber Wolves preparing for their promise badge, Hathi with those working on their first star (including all of our North Star Timber Wolves), and Bagheera with those working on their second star. Then to the lake again for some important lessons from Keego and a morning swim!

Lunch followed with grilled cheese and tomato soup being on the menu. With that out of the way, we began preparing for our Warrior Day contest. Feathers, headbands, and paint! Our own Bagheera attempted to channel William Wallace but the end result was rather sad:

William Wallace? No, just Bagheera

Physical contests (strength, balance, and accuracy) were the order of the day, and each Six of warriors was also to come up with their own victory song and dance. Hathi Canada was a great help to our boys in Brown Six!

Hathi Canada leads Brown Six in a war cry!
UGI UGI UGI! oi! oi! oi!

The warrior contests would be followed by the Tunnel of Death (or was it Doom? or Pain?) in which one unlucky Six would have to run through a gauntlet of the others bearing buckets of water, sponges, etc. Then everyone into the lake once more to wash off their paint! More work on star and badge programs followed, then dinner, chores, tuck shop, and a dread game of Kaa’s invention, “Truth or Consequences.” Here the Americans were at a disadvantage as 90% of the questions focused on Canada! In addition, the devious Kaa mocked our countries’ historic friendship by repeatedly referring to the War of 1812. In the end, the leaders conquered, and over-eager Timber Wolves were doused with mysterious substances, the products of a truly twisted mind.

Showers, mug up, and bedtime followed, and Brown Six heard the second installment of “Rikki-tikki-tavi.” Story time would be cut a bit short as the bugs in Brown Six’s cabin were fierce! Lights out!