The Salesian way of educating the young is quite simple. Basically, I insist on letting boys be boys. Let them play and enjoy themselves as much as they want as long as God is not offended. But if I have a philosophy of education, it consists in discovering a boy’s best qualities and then exploiting them to his advantage. You must admit, sir, that any person is at his best when he is doing what he likes and does best. Children are the same. Promote their positive qualities and they will thrive. — St. John Bosco

UIGSE-FSE Federal Council – Closing  

Please read Akela Chris’s account, and remember to pray for Akela Chris, our group leader, and Akela Paul, our general commissioner as they come home to their families!

Pictures from UIGSE-FSE Federal Council  

Akela Paul chats with another Leader before the flag ceremony

Akela Paul chats with another Leader before the flag ceremony


UIGSE-FSE Federal Council – Day 1 and Day 2  

Update: Please read Akela Chris’s blog posts on Day 1 and Day 2!

The national flags of the FSE

The flags of the member countries of the UIGSE-FSE – see our U.S. flag on the far right!

Prayer Request  

Our Group Leader Akela Chris is traveling to Slovakia tomorrow morning with FNE General Commissioner Akela Paul Ritchi for the UIGSE-FSE federal council. Please pray for safe journeys for both, a fruitful council with our brother and sister leaders and commissioners, and a safe return home.

Update: Please follow Akela Chris’s exploits on his blog American Akela.