The Federation of North-American Explorers is proud to announce that we are forming new groups in the USA! We are currently helping new group leaders and their leadership teams to fully understand and implement the FNE method and program with their new groups. We’ll be announcing the group names at a later date, but look forward to welcoming into our brotherhood groups in:

  • Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia;
  • Sacramento, California;
  • Memphis, Tennessee;
  • Ave Maria, Florida;
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania;
  • Richmond, New Hampshire;
  • Corona, California; and
  • Madison, Wisconsin;

with others to be announced later. Also, we are forming a new group in Canada at St. Pius X parish in Toronto, Ontario.

We appreciate the prayers and support of all of our friends and benefactors during this time of growth and expansion for our movement in the USA. As we continue to bring joy into the lives of our children and our adult leaders through our Catholic, faith-based movement we ask for your continued prayers, and — if you can — to go to our webpage at and click on the donate button on the sidebar. Any donation to our movement is most appreciated and goes 100% to the development of the program and to serve our youth.

The Federation of North-American Explorers is a member association of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe (UIGSE-FSE), an international association of the faithful of pontifical right.