Please read about our brothers and sisters in the Sooner State!

Group Leader: Bob Brown, morningstarfne(at)gmail(dot)com
Group Name: Morning Star FNE Group
Group Colors: Gold on Navy Blue

Morning Star:
This name was chosen from the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The significance of this title, “Morning Star,” for us is the importance of Mary in our redemption, a guide to help us in coming to Jesus, reflecting the light of her Son. We want to be reminded of her great Fiat and how that was instrumental in the victory over darkness, leading us away from sin. It is my desire for the Catholic youth in my area to have the tools to overcome darkness, and to bring light to others by living a Catholic example of service and self-sacrifice.

Gold on Navy Blue:
The two colors that we have chosen to represent our group are Gold on Dark Navy Blue. Dark Blue represents the darkness and the Gold represents the piercing light of the “Morning Star” washing over the darkness.

Q. What sections will you be offering on start-up?
We will be offering Otters and Timber Wolves for both genders.

Q. How did you hear about FNE and why did you choose to join?
Our priest would reminisce of his days spent in France observing the Catholic youth scouting movement there and his hopes of bringing something similar to our parish. While looking at the various options, we came across a comment on a website that mentioned the FNE and its approval by the Holy See. We then looked up the website and found pictures of happy boys and girls dressed in striking uniforms doing scouting activities. We were hooked! We knew this was a movement we wanted to be a part of. We sent the information to our priest, who with great excitement, confirmed that this was indeed the same group he had witnessed during his time in France and wanted to bring this to the members of our parish.