Please read about our brothers and sisters in the Sunshine State!

Group Leader: Deacon Paul Pettie, ppettie(at)gmail(dot)com
Group Name: Divine Mercy FNE Group
Group Colors: Crimson/Red and Pale White

Divine Mercy:
We chose Divine Mercy because our Parish has a great devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus and Divine Mercy Image. We chose Pope St. John Paul II because of his great devotion to the Divine Mercy and because he established Divine Mercy Sunday, as our Protector Saint of the boys’ units; we chose Sr. St. Faustina Kowalska as Protector Saint of our girls’ units; thus, common connections between the Saints, the Divine Mercy devotion, our parish, and our name.

Crimson/Red and Pale White:
Crimson/Red, representing the blood of Jesus, and Pale White are described exactly as Jesus defined them to St. Faustina — “Notebook” paragraph 299.

Q. What sections will you be offering on start-up?
We are experiencing a numbers/members challenge right now and have started an outreach program to add to our small numbers.

We expect to have an Explorer troop for boys, and a Timber Wolf den, Explorer company, and Otter lodge for girls. We have had our first meetings and are confident in building up our group numbers.

Q. How did you hear about FNE and why did you choose to join?
I was led to FNE while searching for a scouting troop for our boys. We initially had 12 boys interested in scouting (unfortunately a number dropped away for various reasons) and we examined the other options before settling on FNE. We did finally go with FNE because of its Catholic character and because of its stated objectives — one of which is to assist parents in raising Catholic Christian ladies and gentlemen who are also personally self-reliant; we are attracted to the developmental objective of developing the whole person, spiritually and physically. In addition we very much like the idea of having programs for both boys and girls.