Dear FNE friends and family,

We recently were mentioned in two articles in Regina Magazine‘s February 2015 issue, “Amazing Parishes.” Two parishes with FNE groups were profiled:

In “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day,” we find a profile of the North Star Group’s home parish, Mater Ecclesiae in southern New Jersey:

What activities do you offer at the parish?

Father Pasley: We have a very active Music apostolate: a Mass schola and a full choir directed by our Music Director, Mr. Nicholas Beck and we are forming a Divine office schola. We have a full homeschool based CCD Program for preschool through High School, a Blessed Imelda society for our girls, the altar servers guild for the boys and men. We are the first parish in the United States to form a chapter of the Federation of North American Explorers. We have an active theatre society which performs a dinner theatre every year, an active Knights of Columbus Assembly. We have a book club and instructions for converts as well as various social committees for parish parties and affairs.

In another article in the same issue, “The Parish in Oklahoma’s Oil Fields,” we find a profile of St. Damien of Molokai Church near Oklahoma City, the home parish of our Morning Star Group:

One new addition to Saint Damien’s is the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE).¬† According to parishioner Evy Brown, “The purpose of the Federation of North-American Explorers is to save souls. The FNE is a formation movement helping children to live out their Catholic faith through hands-on experiences and to serve with passion. The adult leadership is made up purely of volunteers who seek to serve the youth. Morning Star FNE debuted at St. Damien of Molokai in May of 2014 with an astounding 35 members, and is currently at 47.”

To learn more about the Federation of North-American Explorers, please visit our national web site at, and contact our general commissioner Paul Ritchi at with any questions.

To learn more about our North Star Group in southern New Jersey, USA, visit our web site at, and contact group leader Christopher Hasson at akela(at)northstarexplorers(dot)org.

To learn more about our Morning Star Group in Oklahoma, USA, visit their Facebook page, and contact group leader Robert Brown at morningstarfne(at)gmail(dot)com.