Please read about our brothers and sisters in New York’s Southern Tier!

Group Leader: Michael Villanella, conamfne(at)gmail(dot)com
Group Name: Confluence of the North American Martyrs FNE Group
Patron: Pope St. John Paul II
Group Colors: Gold and White

Confluence of the North American Martyrs:
The Confluence is a reference to the two major rivers (Susquehanna and Chenango) that converge in our home town, and the North American Martyrs is a reference to the eight Jesuit martyrs (St. Isaac Jogues and companions) that offered their lives to convert the Native Americans in our geographic area.

Gold and White:
Our group colors are the colors on the papal flag and are evidence of our fidelity to the Pope and Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Q. What sections will you be offering on start-up?
We currently have boys’ Timber Wolves, Explorers, and Otters as well as girls’ Timber Wolves.

Q. How did you hear about FNE and why did you choose to join?
A group of fathers wanted to offer an experience in the Baden-Powell tradition to the youth of our parishes. We felt it was important for the youth to be a part of something that they could identify themselves by — and, most importantly, do so while proudly living out their faith. While searching for organizations that would meet our criteria we stumbled into the FNE. It quickly became evident that this is what we had been searching for and we enthusiastically began the process.