Group Leader: Daniel Minter, danminter1(at)gmail(dot)com
Group Name: Crusaders of the Holy Cross FNE Group
Patron: St. Dominic Savio
Group Colors: Black with light blue trim

Crusaders of the Holy Cross:
Our group chose the Holy Cross of Christ because we desire to pledge our love and fidelity to the sacrifice that our Lord made upon it, thereby seeing it as the model for our lives and the path to salvation.  We know that there is no love without embracing the Holy Cross of our King.

Black with Light Blue:
We also recognize and hold most dear in our hearts the sacrifice of our Lady, the blessed and immaculate Virgin Mary, as she watched her son suffer upon the Cross.  We promise to wear her blue colors to honor her love for us and to wear the black colors of our holy priests who do their work in service to the will of God almighty.

Q. What sections will you be offering on start-up?
We currently have boys’ Explorers and Timber Wolves.

Q. How did you hear about FNE and why did you choose to join?
We chose FNE because we wanted an organization that balanced the importance of outdoorsmanship with the faith of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. We chose St. Dominic Savio as our Patron Saint because of his example of always leading his peers to God.  We think our youth can identify with him because he was  so young and still so full of faith in Christ.

Crusaders of the Holy Cross FNE (Georgia) together with Stella Maris FNE (Southern Florida)

Crusaders of the Holy Cross FNE (Georgia) together with Stella Maris FNE (Southern Florida)