The Timber Wolf Prayer
Lord Jesus, Who love us so tenderly, give us the grace to love like You. Make our hearts joyful to sing Your marvels, our hands clever to help, our eyes very soft to see and comfort others, and our ears totally ready to listen to You. Grant us the grace to help us to always do our best. Amen.

The Timber Wolf Promise
I promise to do my best to be faithful to God, my country, and my parents, to keep the law of the Timber Wolf den, and to do a good turn for somebody every day.

With a little encouragement on the part of the Scoutmaster the practice of daily Good Turns soon becomes a sort of fashion with boys, and it is the very best step towards making a Christian in fact, and not merely in theory. The boy has a natural instinct for good if he only sees a practical way to exercise it, and this Good Turn business meets it and develops it, and in developing it brings out the spirit of Christian charity towards his neighbor. This expression of his will to good, is more effective, more natural to the boy, and more in accordance with the Scout method than his passive acceptance of instructive precepts.

— Lord Baden-Powell, Aids to Scoutmastership (1920)

The Law of the Timber Wolf Den
The wolf listens to the old wolves, the wolf respects himself and the other members of the den.

The timber wolf thinks of others first.
The timber wolf opens his eyes and his ears.
The timber wolf is always clean.
The timber wolf always tells the truth.
The timber wolf is always happy.