I warmly hope that this educational movement, which was born from the profound insight of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, will continue to bear fruit in the spiritual and civil formation of human beings in all countries in the world. — Pope Benedict XVI

Boys’ Timber Wolf Hike and Campout – Part III  

After our hike ended (to the relief of some of the boys and the disappointment of others!), we returned to Mater Ecclesiae to set up camp. Because we had previously camped here near the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, we christened it Camp St. Michael (rejecting other suggestions such as “Camp Turnobanah”). Our first step was to build a fire. (more…)

1st St. Patrick FNE Timber Wolf Den in Ottawa!  

The Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) is proud to introduce to our brothers and sisters throughout the world the arrival of the 1st St. Patrick Timber Wolf Den in Ottawa! Welcome new Timber Wolves now formally members of our growing FNE/FSE movement here in Canada and the USA!

Canadian joint camp

The 1st St. Patrick Timber Wolf Den from Ottawa holds a joint camp with their brother Timber Wolves from Toronto.

Boys’ Timber Wolf Hike and Campout – Part II  

The day’s first goal attained, our Timber Wolves came back down the switchback from the Indian statue and back to the trails. (more…)

Boys’ Timber Wolf Hike and Campout – Part I  

On Saturday, May 23, 13 Timber Wolves and four Leaders gathered together for a hike through Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Gorge and a one-night campout at Camp St. Michael.

The day began around 9:00 am as we arrived at our host parish, Mater Ecclesiae. Before setting out, we called the circle and formally opened the day with the Howl, the Promise, and the Pledge. We stowed our gear in the vestibule of the parish hall and left for Philadelphia. (more…)

Camp St. Michael – Forty Hours devotions at Mater Ecclesiae  

On Friday, September 28, 2012, our Timber Wolves (boys and girls) camped out for Forty Hours devotions at Mater Ecclesiae, our host parish — the boys and their leaders on the church grounds, the girls and their leaders at a local homestead.

The evening began with the setting up of camp. Akela Chris and Mang brought tents, tiki torches, and a portable fire pit. (There would be more than enough wood on the ground for kindling and fuel for the fire.) The leaders decided to set up camp on the far side of the parking lot as Mater Ecclesiae is located on a busy rural road and this site offered protection from drivers using the property to make U-turns and the like. In addition, there were already a few picnic benches at the site!

A number of our Sura Timber Wolves were needed for service at the altar, but with the girls joining in we made for a fine procession.

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