Made fruitful by the Gospel, [Exploring] is not only a place for true human growth but also for a forceful presentation of Christianity and real spiritual and moral development, as well as being an authentic path of holiness. — Pope Benedict XVI, Letter to Card. Ricard (2007)

The FNE Explorer Promise – A Path to Heaven  

Guest post by Explorer Nicholas Schau

promise1God created all men for one purpose: to become saints. When the Jewish priests asked Our Lord which of the commandments was the greatest, He answered: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength” (Mat. 22:37) and to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” (Mat. 22:39). These two commandments are a summary of the Ten Commandments. If every man were to obey these Commandments, they can become ordinary saints. The Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) is a Catholic scouting program in which each Explorer takes a promise to abide by those two Commandments. The FNE Explorer Promise states: “On my honor, and with God’s grace, I promise to do my best to serve God, the Church, my country, to help others at all times, and to obey the Explorer Law.” By keeping this Promise, one could certainly become an ordinary saint.

promise2When an Explorer takes his Promise, he pledges that he will try to become a saint and lead a holy life. The first step to leading a holy life and becoming a saint is to keep the promise “…to serve God [and] the Church….” To serve God means to have a relationship with Him. To have a relationship with Him, one needs to pray — or communicate with God — in order to find out how to serve Him best. Prayer is an important part of all FNE meetings, field trips, and camps. Another way to create a special bond with God is through the reception of the Sacraments. The Sacraments allow a person to know God and to receive Him into his heart, and, by that personal meeting with Him, to love Him and serve Him. Opportunities to receive the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation, are offered every day at camps. FNE Pilgrimages and retreats also help discern one’s vocation. Thus, to serve God and His Church through prayer and the Sacraments is one important way to reach Heaven.

promise3The next segment of the Explorer Promise is — if properly followed — another reason why living this oath is a way to holiness. This section is: “…[to serve] my country [and] to help others at all times….” If one is loyal to his country within the spiritual teachings of the Catholic Church, he is loyal to God. Patriotism is a moral virtue. Men must embrace God’s virtues and follow his paths to get to Heaven. Patriotism disposes men to have respect and love for their country, and to be active contributors to their communities. In the FNE, Explorers are taught about their country and its history, and how to respect and appreciate the freedoms earned by patriots. This section in the Promise also includes helping others. FNE Explorers help those in need by performing service projects, such as free dinners for the homeless, park or church clean-ups, visits to nursing homes, pro-life work, and many other tasks. Each Explorer also takes on a specific duty to help his group. Also, another important piece of being an Explorer is the daily good turn. This is a way to serve others every day through small acts of kindness. Serving country, community, group, and neighbor are important parts of living the Explorer Promise.

promise4The last piece of the FNE Explorer Promise is the final evidence that a way to reach heaven is in this pledge. The part is this: “…to obey the Explorer Law.” The Explorer Law is a set of ten important statements that, if faithfully followed, can lead a soul to Heaven. The first Law requires Explorers to be honest. The importance of this is that it follows the Eighth Commandment, or one of God’s steps to reach Paradise. Laws two to five call Explorers to practice the virtues of patriotism, filial piety, charity, fraternity, and chivalry, which are all related to serving others. Law six obliges Explorers to love God by respecting all of His creations, especially while enjoying life in the outdoors. Another excellent point in the Law to follow is Law seven, which compels the Explorer to “…obey proper orders without question, and leave nothing half-finished.” It is vital for one to be obedient to his lawful superiors to reach Heaven. This Law goes hand-in-hand with Law eight, which encourages the Explorer to remain gleeful and happy as he works, even when doing difficult tasks. God, in His Divine Providence, wants all men to remain joyful as they work, and even as they endure hardships in life. Law nine, another step towards Heaven, commands an Explorer to be thrifty with not only his possessions, but also those of others. Lastly, there is Law ten, which encourages the virtues of purity and cleanliness “…in thought, word, and deed.” All ten of these Laws create the model that a person can follow to become an ordinary saint.

Therefore, when an Explorer serves God and His Church, when he serves his country and his neighbor, and when he follows the goals set in the Explorer Law, he will be following Christ’s Greatest Commandments, and he will make it to Paradise. An Explorer loves God and the Church through prayer and the reception of the sacraments in meetings and camps. He becomes patriotic and charitable as he learns about his country and how to help his neighbor, putting others first and himself last. An Explorer practices the virtues included in the Explorer Law in his life at home, in school, at camp, at work, and at play. However, the most important part is found at the beginning of his Promise, when the Explorer says: “On my honor, and with God’s grace, I promise to do my best….” By this he means that an Explorer can do anything if he puts forth his best effort and trusts that God will give him supernatural graces. If he succeeds, the Explorer will be found trustworthy, so people will see that he cares not just about his own good, but that of others. Through our honor and our obedience of God’s Commandments we can reach Paradise. Anyone can walk the path to Heaven and become ordinary saints by living the FNE Explorer Promise!


“Podcasts” Page Updated  

Please see our updated “Podcasts” page, which now includes FNE President Christopher Hasson’s radio interview with Brother Andre Marie, MICM.

Profile: Our Lady of Mount Carmel FNE, Colorado  

Please read about our brothers and sisters in the Rocky Mountains!

Group Leader: Nicholas Trandem, info(at)olmcexplorers(dot)org
Group Name: Our Lady of Mount Carmel FNE Group
Patroness: Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Group Colors: Navy Blue and Silver
Web Site:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel FNE Group - Colorado

Our Lady of Mount Carmel FNE Group – Colorado

Our Lady of Mount Carmel:
We chose Our Lady of Mount Carmel because our home parish is Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Littleton, Colorado. We have witnessed her strong and miraculous intercession in the herculean effort of building our new parish church, and we place ourselves under her protection.

Navy Blue and Silver:
We gave the boys freedom to suggest colors for the group, and the two finalists were Marian colors — brown and gold for Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and navy blue and silver for Our Lady in general. Our boys have a great love of Our Lady — one of the first decisions of their chiefs two years ago away to pray the Holy Rosary at the first troop meeting every month!

Q. What sections will you be offering on start-up?
We will have a full complement of sections — Timber Wolves, Explorers, Wayfarers, and Otters — for the boys, and we expect to start very soon with at least one section — an Explorer company — for the girls.

The boys’ Explorer Troop will start with two patrols, the Coyote Patrol, whose patron is Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati; and the Mountain Lion Patrol, whose patron is St. Louis IX, King of France.

Q. How did you hear about FNE and why did you choose to join?
I have had an abiding interest in Lord Baden-Powell’s educational method and its implementation in a Catholic context, and I’ve known about FSE and FNE for several years. Father Jackson, our pastor, has been to the Chartres pilgrimage four times, and each time he has been very impressed by the FSE youth participating in the pilgrimage. We were looking for a solid, established Catholic program for the youth of our parish and beyond (our group includes families from 10+ parishes of the Archdiocese of Denver and the local Byzantine Catholic parish). FNE and FSE have a proven track record of forming good Catholics through traditional methods, and have the materials and support to enable our leaders to bring that program to our youth. We’re very excited to be part of such an awesome organization!

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!  

On behalf of our Timber Wolves, Explorers, Otters, and leaders, the Federation of North-American Explorers would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many blessings as this Year of Our Lord 2015 comes to a close.

Federation of North-American Explorers - Christmas card

Advent Letter from Our National Religious Adviser  

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

I hope that you had a beautiful summer and fall! My experience was very good! I spent my vacation first doing mission two by two proclaming the Gospel visiting the parishes and the people in Jackson, Mississippi. This was amazing to see good God is to me, a sinner, and how He provided everything, preparing the way for us!

Then I visited my family in Poland and also I had opportunity to spend four days with my former Girls’ Explorer Company at summer camp (they were there 2 weeks!).

And now I am back again! So let’s talk a little bit about a new season that we’ve just started….
In couple of days we will enter into Advent, and we will start a new liturgical year. It is always good opportunity to rethink our deeds and our plans.

We will hear in these days many words about John the Baptist, who will call us to conversion. Many times we think: well, maybe this is for those who do not believe in Christ, or maybe it is for those who are not in the Catholic Church. But the fact is that this is necessary for us all. Because many times we have been far away from the Lord! And many times we’ve been walking in the wrong direction! Let every valley be filled in! Every mountain and hill be leveled, winding ways be straightened, and rough roads made smooth!

But how can I do it? What the steps must I choose to come back to the Lord? Let me give this example.
I am in Riverhead, NY. In my town is the last exit on I-495. On the other side of this expressway heading west is New York City. My friend lives in Amityville, exit 48 on this expressway. So if he want to visit me, on I-495 he must make a right turn, heading east. But what’s happened if he will make a left turn? He will never reach Riverhead to enjoy the beautiful green fields, vineyards, pumpkin gardens and Peconic Bay Beaches, but after while he will enter to huge traffic, breathing with smog in The Big Apple. So what he must do? First he must recognize, that he is going in the wrong direction! And this is very important. Without this, is impossible to do the next step. Then he must regret, that he did that wrong turn, make decision, that he want to go back, choose the closest exit to make U-turn (because you can’t do it on the expressway!), and then he must travel a little bit longer, to “redeem” the miles that he spent going to wrong direction!

And the same thing has happened in our life. First we must realize that we made mistakes. That we sinned. And just like on the highway we can use GPS or a Map and compass (maybe not in the car, but on our hiking trip for example on PCT or the Appalachian Trail) in our life we have 10 commandments, 7 capital sins, the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7). God, with His word shows us the directions! Then we must do our Examination of Conscience, and be truly sorry for our sins, resolving never to do it again, go to confession, and then make a penance. it means right the wrong things in the past.

1512619_746626588697986_1990232131_nIt is always very good to start Advent with the penance liturgy, where you can really see, how God is Merciful, and He never holds back His forgiveness! And through this we can prepare our road for Jesus who will come to us on Christmas Day! Advent is indeed the preparation for Jesus’ Birthday! I think that Christmas is the biggest Family feast in the whole year (at least is in Poland). When we can sit together, eat a beautiful dinner, receive gifts, sing carols together, etc. But unfortunately, there are many people who don’t have this. So maybe it will be a good idea to prepare some gifts for those who might be lonely, abandoned, sick, or in nursing homes. Maybe it will be a good moment to visit them? To share some love and joy that we received from Baby Jesus with them too? Let’s talk about it with your leaders and chaplains. For sure they will know, how you can help others.

I wish you a beautiful time, Beautiful experience, and beautiful adventure with Jesus Christ in this days, and in whole year!

Semper Parati
Fr. Piotr “Panther” Narkiewicz

Advent - The Three Wise Men Decry the Star of Bethlehem

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