Lord Jesus Christ Who, in spite of my weakness,
Have chosen me to be the leader and the guardian
Of my Explorer brothers (sisters),
Let my words and my examples
Lead their way to the paths of Your law.

Let me be able to show them Your Divine Presence
In the nature that You have created,
Let me teach them what I have to teach them.

And lead my patrol step by step to You,
Oh, my God,
In the camp of rest and joy
Where You have pitched Your tent and ours
for Eternity.

Dómine Jesu Christe,
Qui me infírmum eligísti
In fratrum meórum ducem et custódem,
fac ut dictis meis et exémplis
in Legis tuae sémitis ducántur;

Fac me tam idóneum
Ut eis Deitátis vestígia patefáciam,
Et eos pro offício quae sunt recta dóceam;

Fac ut meos de castris in castra
Ad Te, Deus meus, dirigam
Usque ad mansiónem refrigérii et gáudii,
Ubi tabernáculum tibi et nobis perfecísti
In saécula saeculórum.

Adapted from http://www.uigse.org/documenti_euromoot/Preghiera_Capi_EN.pdf