Timber Wolf Philosophy

While offering a traditional program as first developed by Lord Baden-Powell many years ago as outlined in our home organizations (known as the FSE) program standards we continue to strive to offer a program that will meet the following basic objectives:

Sura Timber Wolves

Our Timber Wolves making a pyramid to hold up our first Otters

  • to support parental efforts to raise successful, happy and responsible members of our community
  • to recognize that every boy is a unique and special individual
  • to encourage each and every Timber Wolf to live their promise and law, to do their best, and to measure their success based on personal progress while not comparing one Timber Wolf to another
  • to provide a positive, loving and caring environment for all members, both youth and adult to grow in and experience the adventure of our FNE Explorer program
  • being faithful to God (presented from a Catholic faith perspective) is an important part of our program and our movement. We encourage our boys to embrace their faith in their every day life as they grow ever stronger in their faith.
  • to create program activities that appeal to the sense of adventure and belonging while respecting and better understanding nature, while also being a visible (and service focused) member of our community
  • to encourage all leaders to give of themselves, to lend their unique strengths to the Timber Wolf Den, while benefiting and learning from others and their strengths
  • and after having said all of the above, to fully enjoy working with and caring for our youth, while ensuring that all Den members not only have fun, but positively benefit from the program experience.
  • Experience over the years continue to highlight the fact that the vast majority of our Timber Wolves, Explorers or Wayfarer Explorers want to be part of our FNE family, to wear their full and complete FNE uniform with purpose and a sense of belonging, to fully enjoy their program experience, to explore, make new friends, and above all have lots and lots of fun!

Code of Conduct

Before any boy can join our 1st North Star FNE family, he must understand (to the best of his ability), and then abide by a code of conduct. Using Timber Wolves as a example:

Sura Timber Wolves doing the Howl

Three of our Sura Timber Wolves doing the Howl

In order for your son to become or continue to remain a member of the 1st North Star Group Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) – 1st Sura Timber Wolf Den, he will need to understand and abide by a base Code of Conduct. The expectation is further reinforced through the Timber Wolf Promise and Law. The Code will center on the following set of requirements:

  • Timber Wolves to the best of their ability will help look after the other members of the Den
  • Timber Wolves will show respect for self and others. Negative physical or verbal altercations will not be accepted or tolerated.
  • Timber Wolves are expected to perform one good deed (to help someone else without being asked or rewarded) each day
  • Timber Wolves will wear their full and complete uniform neatly for all Den activities unless advised otherwise by the leadership team.
  • Timber Wolves will respond to Den commands quickly and quietly.
  • Timber Wolves will participate fully in the program. If absent, he will notify his youth leader in a timely manner to report his absence and why.

It should be noted that no Timber Wolf will be allowed to unruly disrupt or negatively impact the Den program experience for its members. This code of conduct will ensure that you son and the other Timber Wolves in the Den receive the best possible program experience.

“You know Mom, Timberwolves is so much fun. I can’t wait to go back. … I’m learning a lot about my faith from all the dads. And it’s fun to hang with the other kids. And I can’t wait to go camping! It’s great to do all that with other Catholics. It’s really living the Faith.”